[FFmpeg-devel] dash encoder. Correct generated manifest for MPEG-DASH MPD Validator and calculate current bandwidth for eath chunk. Now works correctly with dash.sj

Ligverd Haer ligverd at r46.ru
Fri Sep 9 11:15:32 EEST 2016

> missing commit mesage / not a proper git patch
> this looks unrelated, unrelated changes need to be in separate patches
> please explain in the commit messages of the patch(es) what each
> patch does, why it does it and if you have at hand any reference to
> specs feel free to include them
> floats make the binary output code platform dependant, theres no
> need to use floats here

Thanks for the positive comments Michael.

1. If the MPD is dynamic the Period element shall have an id.
2. Attribute ‘bandwidth’ must appear on element ‘Representation’
3. Attribute [profiles,width,height,sar,frameRate,audioSamplingRate,mimeType,segmentProfiles,codecs,maximumSAPPeriod,startWithSAP,maxPlayoutRate,codingDependency,scanType]
   Common attributes for AdaptationSet and Representation shall either be in one of the elements but not in both.
the tests were conducted on http://www-itec.uni-klu.ac.at/dash/?page_id=605

When stream encoding is not counted bandwidth which makes it impossible to properly switch to the desired stream.
Use float I removed. Now the calculation accuracy decreased to kilobits.
Is it possible to supply test division by 0 ?

Replaced flags movflags. These flags input rtsp stream looked better.
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