[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avformat/mxfdec: Detect field_order based on video_line_map

Michael Niedermayer michael at niedermayer.cc
Tue Oct 18 17:51:06 EEST 2016

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 12:23:14PM +0200, Tobias Rapp wrote:
> On 11.10.2016 10:40, Tobias Rapp wrote:
> >Read video_line_map from MXF generic picture essence descriptor and use
> >it to derive the coded field order. Use field_dominance to derive the
> >display field order from coded field order. If field_dominance is not
> >available the default value "1" is used as defined in SMPTE S377-1.
> >
> >Fixes field_order detection for a bunch of DV/DVCPRO files. The heuristic
> >for deriving coded field order from video_line_map is inspired by
> >MediaInfo.
> >
> >Signed-off-by: Tobias Rapp <t.rapp at noa-archive.com>
> >---
> > libavformat/mxfdec.c | 75 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
> > 1 file changed, 60 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)
> >
> Ping. Example files can be found at [1]. To debug the detected field
> order I used ffprobe plus the patch in [2]:
> ./ffprobe -show_streams -select_streams v -i $INPUT_FILE 2>/dev/null
> | grep field_order
> For file "Avid-00005.mxf" [3] the result is:
> field_order=tt (without patch)
> field_order=bb (with patch)
> For file "OpenCube-00003.mxf" [4] the result is:
> field_order=unknown (without patch)
> field_order=bb (with patch)

can you make some fate test out of a small mxf file ?


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