[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Remove the ffserver program and the ffm muxer/demuxer

James Almer jamrial at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 18:12:10 EET 2016

On 11/28/2016 1:03 PM, Nicolas George wrote:
> L'octidi 8 frimaire, an CCXXV, James Almer a écrit :
>> How about the news entry on the website stating ffserver was meant to
>> go with 3.2? And the discussions that lead to it? That's a good rational
>> argument.
> # November 29th, 2016, ffserver not removed
> #
> # Thanks to the efforts of dedicated developers, ffserver has been
> # updated and no longer needs to be removed immediately.
> That's taken care of. And I assure you, ffserver users will prefer a
> change of mind like that than a follow-through.

You could also add

# November 29th, 2016, From now on, announcements from this project are
# worth as much as a copy of ET for the Atari.
# Thanks to the efforts of people that couldn't get over the fact they
# showed up late and that abused the goodwill of some developers, nothing
# you read announced here from now on is to be trusted.

>> If you meant technical arguments, the time for those was months ago.
> The time for technical arguments is always.

For things up to debate, sure. This is not the case.

>> If there's a vote, it will be to choose between ffserver being removed
>> tomorrow, or right before 3.3 is branched.
>> There's no "ffserver stays" option. That possibility was lost months
>> ago when neither you or anyone else showed up to back it up.
> Hail James, our Great Dictator who decides what we are allowed to vote
> about.

No, those are the only options within the boundaries already established.

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