[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] vf_scale_npp: move aspect ratio correction after, av_frame_copy_props

Miroslav Slugeň thunder.m at email.cz
Sun Nov 27 02:09:05 EET 2016

Updating output aspect ratio before calling nppscale_scale has no effect 
because nppscale_scale calls av_frame_copy_props which will overwrite 
output aspect ratio based on source frame.

Simplest solution is to move aspect ratio update after nppscale_scale 
function, but it is also possible to move aspect ratio update directly 
to nppscale_scale function in future.

This should fix aspect ratio bug when using scale_npp for resolution 
with different W/H than original resolution for example 1920x1080 -> 
720x576 and codec which supports dynamic aspect ratio change which is 
libx264, nvenc not yet, that is the reason why that bug was hidden.

Miroslav Slugeň

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