[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavfi/af_ebur128: update filter to use new ebur128 API

Kyle Swanson k at ylo.ph
Thu Nov 17 19:04:46 EET 2016


Here's a couple of patches which update the ebur128 filter to use the
recently added ebur128 API. This updated filter allows fine-tuned
control over which EBU R128 parameters are measured, and provides
modest speed increases over the previous ebur128 filter. Also
noteworthy: this removes the video output option of the ebur128
filter. This is extraneous for an ebur128 measurement filter IMHO, but
if we wanted to keep similar functionality in FFmpeg, we'd be better
served by a new video source filter where custom meters could be
created via exported frame metadata.

The first patch adds true peak functionality to the ebur128 API using
swresample (this was already discussed a little bit:
The second patch is an update to the ebur128 filter.

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