[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/2] lavfi: make filter_frame non-recursive.

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Nov 14 22:38:46 EET 2016

Le quartidi 24 brumaire, an CCXXV, Andreas Cadhalpun a écrit :
> I suspect that having different sizes for the same struct in different
> parts of the code base will upset some static analyzers.

Still, it is completely legal wrt the C standard.

> Consider the (not so) theoretical case of API users simply (and wrongly)
> using the structs on the stack instead of dynamically allocating them.
> With the internal pointer the internal struct gets allocated in the
> respective init function and things mostly work fine, while with
> your proposal this would cause out-of-bounds reads/writes, which
> likely means an arbitrary code execution vulnerability.

I think it will likely result in their application not working at all
very soon, and therefore them realizing their mistake. This is exactly
how I noticed that filfmts allocates the links itself.

I would rather have found a way of making the structure unallocatable,
but apparently the C standard refuses undefined structs even when it and
the fields after it are not accessed.

> If you really care so much about this, you can make the struct completely
> private and add getter/setter functions for those elements that need
> public access.

I would be ok with that. But that is a big incompatible API change. I
could argue that lavfi's API is currently unusable anyway.


  Nicolas George
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