[FFmpeg-devel] TR-03 implementation

Kieran Kunhya kierank at obe.tv
Thu Nov 10 23:24:45 EET 2016

> sure, ffmpeg has support for many pixel formats and adding more
> pixfmts is not a problem.
> my best answer would be to look at commits which add other pixel
> formats and just follow how they were added to libswscale. make some
> fate tests, and it should be done.
> hopefully you have test samples made of these pixfmts you want to add.
> that makes testing for us easier, as we can test on multiple cpu
> arch's to make sure the code is safe and works.

Sorry Compn, nothing personal here, but you are responding exactly in the
way I thought you would and why I even wrote that certain people would
encourage in spite of the technical issues.

You don't understand the complexity of this problem either. The pixel
formats are the least of his problems. Samples don't exist, it's not a file
based format, it's a network stream etc. Please listen to what Ros and I
said, we worked on this painfully for months.


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