[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/2] avcodec/hap: add "compressor" option to Hap encoder to disable secondary compression

Tom Butterworth bangnoise at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 23:26:50 EET 2016

Thanks for your comments Martin -

> > Adds "none" or "snappy" as options for "compressor". Selecting "none"
> > disregards
> > > "chunks" option: chunking is only of benefit decompressing Snappy.
> > > ---
> Maybe can be useful, to have a log,
> if chunk_count != 1 and compression is none, to show to the user, that the
> chunk count option will be override by 1.

The existing info log in hap_init() will print eg "6 chunks requested but 1
used." as is already done when the user's choice is overridden to divide
frames evenly. Is that sufficient or do you think a reason should be

Relative to this patch, with the none ( / snappy) parameter, libsnappy is
> not require for the entire encoder now,
> only when we set compression to snappy.
> Maybe can be useful to have something like in the tiffenc.c, where Zlib, is
> required for only deflate compression).

As Snappy is disabled by default, I think it would be a mistake to have the
default configuration of ffmpeg encode Hap without Snappy. Skipping the
Snappy compression stage is not generally desirable and it should not be
the default behaviour.

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