[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] WIP: subtitles in AVFrame

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Nov 3 20:36:29 EET 2016

Le duodi 12 brumaire, an CCXXV, Clement Boesch a écrit :
> ---
> So this is just a prototype that is starting to work. It needs a split
> (and completion of the long TODO list) before review but I wanted to
> share it for early feedbacks.
> So long story short: AVSubtitle → AVFrame, you have to use the new M:N
> API, and it's integrated into lavfi.


> Now a bit longer: the AVFrame->extended_data are
> AVFrameSubtitleRectangle (declared in lavu/frame). Frames are
> refcounted. So far this is not really meaningful as a frame ref will
> alloc and copy every rectangle but that's a limitation we will have to
> deal with for now but it allows proper integration into the framework.

Can you briefly explain how you handled the duration and sparseness?

Also, I see you kept the text field a simple string with ASS syntax. Is
it final?

> It actually simplifies a lot the workflow so I'm optimistic about the
> end result. Unfortunately, there is a lot of work remaining.
> End note: despite my obsession with subtitles, I'd like to remind
> everyone that I actually hate working with them, I just believe it's
> really important to get that historical burden out of sight. That means,
> if anyone wants to help with that, they are extremelly welcome.
> Thanks,
> - what to do about sub2video?

The plan was always to remove it as soon as a proper solution in
libavfilter was implemented and does the same job. Preferably with a
short transitional period for the users, but not if it is too

> - properly deal with -ss and -t (need strim filter?)
> - sub_start_display/sub_end_display needs to be honored
> - find a test case for dvbsub as it's likely broken (ffmpeg.c hack is
>   removed and should be replaced by a EAGAIN logic in lavc/utils.c)
> - make it pass FATE:
>   * fix cc/subcc
>   * broke various other stuff
> - split commit
> - Changelog/APIchanges
> - proper API doxy
> - update lavfi/subtitles?


  Nicolas George
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