[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec : add psd image file decoder

Martin Vignali martin.vignali at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 20:37:16 EEST 2016

Thanks for your comments

@James Almer : MKTAG, is maybe more comprehensive, than the 32i value.
Modify locally

@Carl Eugen Hoyos :

> > +    { AV_CODEC_ID_EXR,       MKTAG('p', 's', 'd', ' ') }, /* Psd */
> What produces such files?

I think i do a mistake here. Remove locally

> psd_probe()
> Please also test for version (and color mode) and increase
> the probe score / if easily possible, don't detect things
> that are immediately rejected by the decoder.
> And don't remove the empty line from Changelog...
i will modify the probe function.

@Paul B Mahol :
Correct locally

@Rostislav Pehlivanov :

> This has the potential to turn into the shittiest thing in libavcodec. PSD
> is a notoriously horrible format and I believe code needed to read and
> render it belongs outside of libavcodec. Not to mention that close to 90%
> of the features it has are unsupported by the framework, be it vectors, the
> colorspaces, layers, etc. The decoder's also pretty raw and only supports
> uncompressed images, with every other mode currently unsupported, giving
> the deceptive idea it's a simple decoder for a simple format. A decoder
> which can open a very small part of all psd files floating around isn't a
> very useful one.
> There is simply no simple way to expose all the quirks of the format in a
> nice way to libavcodec, given that this decoder can be potentially as
> complex and bad as photoshop. Please make this a separate library or a
> program, you don't even need any framework features since it's a simple
> bytestream.
> In case you need the testament of someone who's done the work already take
> a read at this:
> https://github.com/gco/xee/blob/master/XeePhotoshopLoader.m#L108-L136
> _______________________________________________
You're right, this is a very complex file format, with lot of features.
But i disagree, with the idea, that this decoder have no interest. The
"useful question", highly depend of the point of view.
I write this decoder, because i sometime need to convert PSD image sequence
to video, or need to get a quick preview of a PSD file, without open

This decoder for now, decode file created using "Maximize Compatibity"
option of Adobe Photoshop software (this option is recommand by Adobe for
compatibilty with other software).

I plan to add RLE decoding, in a future patch (After effects for example
use it for PSD sequence).

So i think a decoder, without all the feature of the file format, can be


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