[FFmpeg-devel] [GSoC] MLP/TrueHD encoder

Jai Luthra me at jailuthra.in
Thu Jul 7 02:28:21 EEST 2016


This is an update for the TrueHD encoder gsoc project. Any input from the community about work done till now, or for plans ahead, is most welcome :)

The MLP encoder (patch attached) works without any lossless check errors now on most samples I've tested on, both for mono and stereo.

Here's the changelog from ramiro's original version of the encoder: https://github.com/jailuthra/FFmpeg/compare/33c37b86...b4eb87c

The current plan is:
    * Support encoding TrueHD bitstreams through mlpenc.c, just like it's done in mlpdec.c
    * Add multi-channel support
    * Add FATE tests?
    * Send the patch for review and merge

Also while testing how to implement multi-channel support, I noticed that the LFE channel encoding was not lossless for most samples. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be helpful.

Jai Luthra (darkapex)
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