[FFmpeg-devel] core infrastructure badge for FFmpeg

Ganesh Ajjanagadde gajjanag at mit.edu
Wed Jul 6 14:18:08 EEST 2016

06.07.2016, 04:03, "Carl Eugen Hoyos" <cehoyos at ag.or.at>:
> Ganesh Ajjanagadde <gajjanag <at> mit.edu> writes:
>>  > No question, it would be better if tests would be added quicker ...
>>  I do not doubt this, but at the moment we do not enforce it.
>>  Do you see any trouble in enforcing this requirement from
>>  major release to next major release?
> I am against adding such a "hard" requirement.
> I believe we have filters that are impossible / very
> difficult to test.

I do not understand what is so difficult about testing filters.
Yes, if floating point is used, we can't simply test bit-exactness,
but one can simply use some similarity meaure, right?


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