[FFmpeg-devel] Return value of av_log_format_line

Andreas Weis der_ghulbus at ghulbus-inc.de
Mon Apr 18 07:56:25 CEST 2016

>> I was trying to use a custom log callback and noticed that this pretty
>> much requires using av_log_format_line(), as the interpretation of the
>> format string is not trivial.
> Uh what? It's just snprintf formatting. What av_log_format_line() is
> adding additional information, which in theory the API user can build
> on its own.

You are right, in the end it's a simple call to vsnprintf. Seems I got
lost in some of the shenanigans that happened around it, sorry for the

> This suggestion might make sense. You'll have to add it as
> av_log_format_line2() or so, because the existing API must remain
> compatible.

Cool. I'll try and prepare a patch then.


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