[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] [WIP] Updated MLP encoder - Qualification Task (TrueHD)

Jai Luthra me at jailuthra.in
Sun Apr 10 01:27:33 CEST 2016


I've updated the patch (attached):
* Fixed the build warnings
* Applied atomnuker's changes to update the mlp_encode_frame function
* Added AudioFrameQueue as suggested by atomnuker

The encoder now works without any errors to silence and can encode
stereo files with a valid bitstream.

I guess the qualification task is now complete (except validating
bitstream without using ffmpeg)

I've noticed that it doesn't generate valid bitstream for mono files.
ffplay's output is full of:
[mlp @ 0x7fd2b4001980] No restart header present in substream 0.
[mlp @ 0x7fd2b4001980] No samples to output.
[mlp @ 0x7fd2b4001980] Max channel must be equal max matrix channel.

I'll find a fix for this asap, and might need some help from the mentor if I
get stuck.

Jai Luthra
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