[FFmpeg-devel] Support master branch of OpenJPEG and Grok J2K codecs

Aaron Boxer boxerab at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 16:32:24 CEST 2016

Hi Josh,

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Josh de Kock <josh at itanimul.li> wrote:

> On 04/04/2016 14:21, Aaron Boxer wrote:
> > All of your arguments could be applied equally to GPL v3 components. And
> > yet,
> > FFmpeg is happy to allow distribution under GPL v3. So, I don't see what
> > the problem is here.
> The problem is AGPL can make certain builds of FFmpeg _unusable_, it's a
> pain to work with. Most of all, people just don't want AGPL in FFmpeg.
> As wm4 said: "If you really want your lib to be useful, you should
> relicense it to LGPL2.1 or later".
> >
> > Yes, Google has a no-AGPL policy, so they won't be able to use it. I am
> > sure they will
> > survive somehow without my J2k codec.
> A lot of people could survive without it. In-fact, I reckon everyone who
> is currently using FFmpeg could.
> On 04/04/2016 14:24, Aaron Boxer wrote:
> > Of course, it is not my place to say what should happen with the
> > project.
> > I just want to make sure everyone understands the issues involved
> > before making a decision.
> I'm almost 100% sure they do, I think it's you who rather doesn't
> understand the issues involved with putting AGPL into FFmpeg.

You are right, I don't understand.  So far, nobody has provided a
reasonable explanation for
why AGPL is not acceptable, while GPL v3 is.

Someone has mentioned the extra effort required to make the source
available over the network.
I would be happy to work on this.

The only other possible explanation is that people would like to make use
of the GPLv3
loophole whereby one can use GPL v3 code over the network and not be
required to
make code modifications available.

Google, for example, which makes its $$ on closed services that use GPL
code, clearly will not tolerate

So, is this the reason why some are opposed to AGPL ?  There is nothing
wrong with this, it is allowed by the license,
just want to be clear.

Anyways,  I am happy to maintain my two-line fork of FFmpeg if this patch
is not accepted.

And, by the way, these changes will be needed in the future when OpenJPEG
releases its next version,
or FFmpeg will not work with OpenJPEG dynamic builds.

Kind Regards,

> Josh
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