[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 5/8] tools/crypto_bench: add AES-CBC modes

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Oct 29 12:38:01 CET 2015

L'octidi 8 brumaire, an CCXXIV, Rodger Combs a écrit :
> Take a look at some results; CBC is significantly slower than CTR in both
> libcrypto's and our AES code. There's some hardware limitation it hits.

Yes, that is to be expected. But I would expect something like this:

  time(AES-X-CBC) - time(AES-X-ECB) = time(AES-Y-CBC) - time(AES-Y-ECB)

for X and Y in { 128, 192, 256 }. In other words, I expect the extra time
added by CBC to be independent from the key size.

But of course, having a benchmark to check that it is true is good.

So patch still ok, thanks.


  Nicolas George
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