[FFmpeg-devel] request for feedback on video codec idea

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Oct 14 20:52:49 CEST 2015

Le tridi 23 vendémiaire, an CCXXIV, Roger Pack a écrit :
> For instance, given 3 frames of video ("one after another" from the
> incoming video stream), "combine them" into one stream like:
> pixel 1 frame 1, pixel 1 frame 2, pixel 1 frame 3, pixel 2 frame 2,
> pixel 2 frame 2, pixel 2 frame 3 ...
> then basically apply LZ4 or density algorithm to those bytes.
> The theory being that if there is a lot of repeated content between
> frames, it will compress well.

Standard answer: profile, don't speculate.

I have no idea if this can prove promising, but I am pretty sure you could
implement enough of it to get an estimate in just a few minutes with your
language of choice.

Choose a test clip that has convenient properties (frame size multiple of
your chosen block size, number of frames multiple of the frame group size,

In the program, hardcode the frame size, pixel format, etc., and forego
error checks. Read a group of frames from standard input, assuming rawvideo
format, then output the pixels to standard output in the order you want.

Run with standard input piped from ffmpeg to get the rawvideo contents and
standard output piped to your favorite command-line stream compression
utility (gzip, xz).

If the result looks promising, enhance. If not, you know you tried.


  Nicolas George
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