[FFmpeg-devel] mips & aac breakage

Nedeljko Babic Nedeljko.Babic at imgtec.com
Tue Oct 13 09:01:46 CEST 2015

Hi Michael,

I am checking fate test results and posts on the ffmpeg-devel list basically only once a day so thanks for this info.

Od: Michael Niedermayer [michael at niedermayer.cc]
Poslato: 13. oktobar 2015 4:57
Za: FFmpeg development discussions and patches; Nedeljko Babic
Tema: mips & aac breakage


you probably already saw it but just to be sure its not missed
mips optimizations where broken again today:

CC      libavcodec/mips/aaccoder_mips.o
ffmpeg/libavcodec/mips/aaccoder_mips.c: In function ‘ff_aac_coder_init_mips’:
ffmpeg/libavcodec/mips/aaccoder_mips.c:2548: error: ‘AACEncOptions’ has no member named ‘aac_coder’
make: *** [libavcodec/mips/aaccoder_mips.o] Error 1
make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.

ive disabled them in 97437bd17a8c5d4135b2f3b1b299bd7bb72ce02c so
build is not broken

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