[FFmpeg-devel] Trac Outage - Notification of planned works

Kieran Kunhya kierank at obe.tv
Fri Oct 9 08:37:06 CEST 2015


Please note there will be a trac outage owing to the rerouting of fibre as
part of the London Underground extension.

Kieran Kunhya

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There is going to be a loss of service at some point during the time frame
stated below whilst Virgin complete the maintenance work. This is a
diversionary job. The cable needs to be run because of the Northern line
extension project in Kennington, London.

Planned Work Start (Local UK): 22/10/2015 00:01

Planned Work End (Local UK): 22/10/2015 06:01

During the first hour of the change and up to the maximum time stated below
you will experience a service outage. For the remainder of the change
window your service is at risk and should the need arise, Virgin will take
down your service to resolve any issues.

If you have any queries, please contact the Support Team at
support at venus.co.uk or call 0207 240 5858.

Best Regards,



*Erikas* *Francas*

Venus Business Communications Ltd

25-27 Oxford St, London W1D 2DW


020 7240 5858


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