[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavcodec/qsv.c: Re-design session control and internal allocation

Ivan Uskov ivan.uskov at nablet.com
Wed Oct 7 19:07:33 CEST 2015

Hello wm4,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 7:40:45 PM, you wrote:

w> There's no automagic way to get this done.

w> Hardware accelerators like vaapi and vdpau need the same thing. These
w> have special APIs to set an API context on the decoder. Some APIs use
w> hwaccel_context, vdpau uses av_vdpau_bind_context().

w> The hwaccel_context pointer is untyped (just a void*), and what it means
w> is implicit to the hwaccel or the decoder that is used. It could point
w> to some sort of qsv state, which will have to be explicitly allocated
w> and set by the API user (which might be ffmpeg.c).
So  if  I will implement something like ffmpeg_qsv.c (using ffmpeg_vdpau.c as
example)   and   extend  the  hwaccels[]  into  ffmpeg_opt.c  by corresponded
qsv entries it  would  be the acceptable solution, correct?

w> For filters there is no such thing yet. New API would have to be
w> created. For filters in particular, we will have to make sure that the
w> API isn't overly qsv-specific, and that it is extendable to other APIs
w> (like for example vaapi or vdpau).
Ok,   if   VPP  could be the  issue  I  would  like  to  get  working  direct
link qsv_decoder-qsv_encoder first.

Best regards,
 Ivan                            mailto:ivan.uskov at nablet.com

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