[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avfilter/af_rubberband: add process_command()

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Thu Oct 1 10:21:02 CEST 2015

On Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 09:29:10 +0200, Paul B Mahol wrote:
> On 10/1/15, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:
> > also af_rubberband seems to fail to build with 1.3-1.2 from ubuntu

> You sure have latest version of rubberband?

1.3 is certainly not the latest version.

If that's a dependency, you'll have to add a pkgconfig version check,
or a check on RUBBERBAND_API_{MAJOR,MINOR}_VERSION with a fallback.


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