[FFmpeg-devel] h264 : data partitioning is not implemented

しらせ けんじ kenji at shirase.tk
Fri May 1 09:14:10 CEST 2015


I have a troube when I dump live stream image from IP camera.

The command line I use is below.

ffmpeg -i 
-vcodec copy \
	-movflags faststart+empty_moov \
	-f segment \
	-segment_atclocktime 1 \
	-segment_time 60 \
	-reset_timestamps 1 \
	-strftime 1 \

The segment time is 60 seconds. But the duration of the file is only 
about 25 seconeds!!

I dumped live stream by curl to investigate.

In this investigation, I got this message,
"data partitining is not implemented. ・・・ If you want to help, upload a 
sample of this file".

So, I uploaded the file to the ftp server.  (filename : night.dump)

I don't know "data partitioning is not implemented" is the reason of 
this duration missmatch problem.
I hope this file is useful and my trouble will go away.


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