[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Dolby Digital dynamic range compression (drc_scale) is now 0 by default

Kieran Kunhya kierank at obe.tv
Mon Mar 30 12:10:16 CEST 2015

> And you didn't answer the question I asked before: Why would only AC3 have
> range compression on by default? Why not any other codec? What is the sense
> in that?? Are you saying that laptop speakers are not able to play full
> range AC3 tracks, but that they *are* able to play full range TrueHD tracks?
> If you truly believe that range compression should be on by default, then
> you should be consistent about it, and ask for range compression to be
> enabled by default for all other audio decoders, too. We're intelligent
> beings, we don't have to blindly follow everything some stupid spec says.

We should have DRC enabled in AAC and other codecs if it's considered
a normative part of the spec.


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