[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add "split" mode to tinterlace filter.

Brian Matherly code at brianmatherly.com
Sun Mar 29 04:59:56 CEST 2015

>> This mode is the opposite of the "merge" mode.
>> ---
>> This patch adds a new mode to tinterlace which performs the opposite
>> as the "merge" mode.
>> My primary motivation is that I have been working with Derek Buitenhuis
to see
>> about adding interlace support to the libx265 encoder. It turns out that
this is
>> a complex situation since libx265 requires each field to be encoded
>> but ffmpeg stores fields together as an interlaced frame. tinterlace can
be used
>> with this new mode to provide each field as a separate frame to libx265 -
>> therefore perform valid interlaced h.265 encoding.
>> At first I considered this patch a hack and planned on keeping it to
myself. But
>> now I think that it must be generally useful since it can produce the
>> format of data that would be the input to the tinterlace "merge" mode.
>> As a test, I have checked:
>>    ffmpeg -i input.file -vf "tinterlace=split,tinterlace=merge"
>> And the image makes a successful round trip.
>What about separatefields filter?

Yes. That would appear to do the same thing.
I will go test it and see if it works for my scenario.
I tentatively withdrawl my patch.


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