[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavf: add zip protocol

Lukasz Marek lukasz.m.luki2 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 19:11:52 CET 2015

On 28.03.2015 11:53, Nicolas George wrote:
> Le septidi 7 germinal, an CCXXIII, Lukasz Marek a écrit :
>> But, this time I dont understand you comments, could you elaborate it?
>> What's wrong, what can I do?
> What I am saying is that there are a lot of different cases where we want to
> read archives (not only zip, see my previous mail, but that does not matter
> for now) on the fly with FFmpeg, and I am not sure your proposal is
> convenient for all these use cases.
> You implement it as a protocol, to access a single file in the archive. If
> it was gzip, that would be fine, because it is a stream compression format.
> In fact, I now realize we should have stackable protocols for all common
> stream compression tools.
> But a zip file is not just a compressed stream: it contains structure,
> several files. In FFmpeg architecture, that may map better to a demuxer:
> each file as a stream or as an attachment.
> This is yet another case where the distinction between protocols and formats
> is not entirely clear. If you think about it, an input protocol is just a
> demuxer that outputs a single stream of AVMEDIA_TYPE_DATA packets. Of
> course, for "normal" protocols and formats, like reading a Matroska file
> from a plain file, the separation makes sense. But with more complex and
> tied-in protocols and formats, it makes things actually harder. See the RTP
> issues for example.
> I have not yet looked closely enough at it, but I suspect the directory
> listing API that you have just landed may start a bridge between the two: a
> protocol may no longer be just an API for accessing a single stream but a
> whole filesystem. Then we can have demuxers that use it. I suppose one of
> the most pressing tasks would be to have the image2 demuxer use the
> directory listing API, is it not?

I know that line between protocol and format is very thin.

I will try to use this libarchive first and do some tests. Your approach 
may collapse in case compression libraries doesn't support parallel 
compression/decompression (I mean that you write or read several files 
from single archive file) I would be much surprised if at least writing 
will not work. But I will test it, there is no point in guessing here. 
Of course making it protocol doesn't solve that potential issue, but it 
may be less confusing for the user.

I wonder if there is other solution: zip could be protocol as it is now, 
it allows to benefit from list API and gives flexibility other demuxers 
to benefit from it. There could also be a "directory" demuxer which 
would also use that API and possibly could serve streams in your way. 
That demuxer could also handle directories over any protocol that 
supports that API.

Personally I don't favor any of the approaches, but if I had to decide 
then probably a protocol.

> So my actual proposal about this patch is: keep it near at hand, but not
> apply it; rather, use it as a work case to see the most we can do with new
> APIs.
> (Well, I do not oppose actually applying it. But if so, let us make us very
> clear that this is something really experimental. Not experimental "it
> probably works poorly" but experimental "we may change it completely
> tomorrow because we had another idea, we will not bother AT ALL with
> compatibility for now".)

I have no pressure to merge asap. At least this libarchive is worth to try.

>> I think you misunderstood this. There is no doc, but reading files by index
>> is a fallback when user doesn't specify file explicitly. For example:
> Thanks for correcting me, I really missed that.
>> ./ffplay zip://zipfile.zip/aaa.avi
> Ok, but that leads me to another question: what does this do:
> ffplay zip:///tmp/outer.zip/tmp/inner.zip/tmp/data.bin

libzip can't handle it (the same way it cannot handle files via 
protocols), maybe libarchive will be better

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