[FFmpeg-devel] Patch proposal : filter ebur128 : add filter name before each line of summary print

Martin Vignali martin.vignali at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 22:28:43 CET 2015

In attach a patch proposal, in order to make easier parse result of ebur128
filter by external scripts

command line for testing :
ffmpeg -i aFile.wav -filter ebur128=peak=true+sample -f null -

Before patch, summary look like this :
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7fe8b0d00000] Summary:

  Integrated loudness:
    I:         -23.0 LUFS
    Threshold: -33.0 LUFS

  Loudness range:
    LRA:         5.0 LU
    Threshold: -43.0 LUFS
    LRA low:   -26.2 LUFS
    LRA high:  -21.2 LUFS

  Sample peak:
    Peak:       -8.9 dBFS

  True peak:
    Peak:       -8.9 dBFS

After the patch, summary looks like that :

[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0] Summary:
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]   Integrated loudness:
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     I:         -23.0 LUFS
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     Threshold: -33.0 LUFS
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]   Loudness range:
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     LRA:         5.0 LU
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     Threshold: -43.0 LUFS
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     LRA low:   -26.2 LUFS
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     LRA high:  -21.2 LUFS
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]   Sample peak:
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     Peak:       -8.9 dBFS
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]   True peak:
[Parsed_ebur128_0 @ 0x7f9882c018c0]     Peak:       -8.9 dBFS

I know it can break some scripts, but it can also help script to parse
result, when there is multiple filters
I keep in this patch indent in print line.

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