[FFmpeg-devel] New asf demuxer

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Jun 28 16:54:02 CEST 2015

Le decadi 10 messidor, an CCXXIII, Carl Eugen Hoyos a écrit :
> From a very quick look, the new code seems mostly 
> unreviewed

What makes you say that? Where did you give your "very quick look" exactly?

> Do you disagree?

I do disagree, on several counts. First, the old muxer was based on
reverse-engineering, the new one is based on the spec; in principle, i.e.
except when the spec is actually crap, this is better. Second, someone
actually took efforts to do so, I take it as a sign that it was considered
useful by someone knowing the issue better than me. Third, a quick glance
seems to indicate that the new code is cleaner than the old one, I could
spot an unchecked av_dict_set() immediately for example.


  Nicolas George
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