[FFmpeg-devel] [GSoC 2015]Trouble with running specific fate tests

Niklesh Lalwani niklesh.lalwani at iitb.ac.in
Thu Jun 25 20:46:10 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I am having trouble in running single fate tests. I want to perform the
test binsub-movtextenc. I am using the following command-  make
fate-binsub-movtextenc FATE = /home/niklesh/FFmpeg/fate-suite/ and the
target file MovText_capability_tester.mp4 is located in
It just displays-  make: Nothing to be done for `fate-binsub-movtextenc'.
Same output for fate-acodec. and a couple of others I tried.
The tests are running if I do just make fate.
Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?
P.S.- I have no experience with fate regression tests.



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