[FFmpeg-devel] Contributing to the project?

George Boyle george at thebuds.net
Thu Jun 11 19:57:04 CEST 2015

Hi Ronald,

On 11/06/15 17:01, Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> It would also be helpful if you could identify what you would like to be
> doing, i.e. do you have any particular aspect that you find particularly
> exciting or intriguing and would like to learn more about? E.g. you might
> like one of video codecs or audio codecs or muxing formats more; you might
> prefer decoding algorithms, encoding algorithms or optimizations more; you
> might be more interested in the fundamentals of any one of those (either by
> fixing algorithm bugs/extending algorithms to handle wider aspects of
> existing formats, or by writing new codecs/(de)muxers from scratch), or
> initially learning more through testing techniques (code coverage, fuzzing).
> (That sounds like a lot, but it helps point you in a particular direction
> if we know where you'd like to go.)

Thanks for your reply. Yes, a more specific goal would be useful! In
thinking about it, there are 2 areas in particular that I find most
interesting, both originally stemming from being an avid user of the
ffmpeg command-line tool.

The first is the program itself, and the workings of the project around
it - its pace, scale and robustness. In that regard, I thought learning
about the testing system would be a good place to start. This is also
the closest thing to a match with my existing experience. Plus, I do
enjoy testing. I think the suggestion of doing some documentation would
also be a good way to get familiar with the codebase.

Second would be container formats and muxing/demuxing. The matroska and
ogg formats spring to mind, but I'd like to learn about any of them. The
idea of coding one up from scratch sounds very interesting, though I'd
need to study up a lot first.

Those would be the standouts, but I'd enjoy getting involved in any of
the things you mentioned. I'd like to do some bug-fixing too, and I keep
an eye on the tracker, but I heven't got enough knowledge to take one on
yet. Hopefully I will soon.

== tl;dr ==
I was thinking of the following ramp:
1. Start with testing and docs
2. Learn about and work on container formats and (de)muxing

Does that sound like a reasonable way to proceed?

Best wishes,

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