[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] nvenc: Propagate desired number of reference frames.

Timo Rothenpieler timo at rothenpieler.org
Fri Jan 23 10:54:29 CET 2015

> +    ctx->encode_config.encodeCodecConfig.h264Config.maxNumRefFrames = avctx->refs;

avctx->refs should propably be checked for >= 0.

I'm not sure if maxNumRefFrames means the exact same thing as 
avctx->refs, but the comment in the nvenc header isn't exactly clear 
about that.

This would also forward the ffmpeg default, 1, to nvenc, instead of the 
nvenc default, 0, which lets the driver decide what is best. I'm not 
sure if this is desireable and how much it affects the quality.


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