[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] nvenc: Compensate for hardware trying to mess with aspect ratio of DVD content.

Hendrik Leppkes h.leppkes at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 02:52:59 CET 2015

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 1:02 AM, Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote:

> L'octidi 28 nivôse, an CCXXIII, Kieran Kunhya a écrit :
> > Oops I misunderstood, you mean the software must comply with the users
> wishes.
> Yes.
> > Anyway my argument is that BT601 should be the default for the these
> > resolutions.
> If you want, but that must happen immediately when the contents enters into
> FFmpeg's data structure, not at a random point in the processing chain.
Without arguing for or against BT.601 behaviour...

nvenc should behave the same as libx264, or any other video encoder, if
this patch makes it do that, then it should be applied.

If bt601 needs special handling not yet present in avcodec, it should be
implemented in such a way that all encoders can benefit from it.

- Hendrik

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