[FFmpeg-devel] Development needed

Joe Marchese marchesejr at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 21 21:50:33 CET 2015



I need a seasoned ffmpeg developer to perform the following functions and
compile to an active X control or DLL.


1)      Take files generated from recording IP video cameras in MJPEG mode.
The files are stripped of all metadata and are simple JPEG files
concatenated together. File sizes range from megabytes to 20 GB or more.

2)      The FPS for the recording is roughly 30fps with minor variances
while recording.

3)      There is an associated Mp3 audio track that is also from the same
recording session. It is separate but made with the video file.

a.      The video is captured from the pc's internal audio nput device and
is smooth and jitter free. An accurate time base.

4)      We need the MJPEG file and Audio file merged into an H.264 based Mp4
A/V file.

5)      The video and audio must be perfectly synchronized.

6)      We have been able to generate Mp4s with the audio successfully, but
when playing them out , the video and audio fall out of sync because the
video frame rates vary.

7)      We have a simple 2 minute File Pair that exhibit a delay that in the
final output must be accommodated to ensure sync during playback.

8)      The system should be able to handle video that is at lower FPS ( 12
FPS for example) and write accurately and in sync.


This project is detailed enough to expect a fixed price development.


I can provide the ample files from an FTP link if you want to experiment and
see what can be done.




Thank you


Joe Marchese

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