[FFmpeg-devel] MPEG-4 audio-video file generation API

Boris Jaulmes bjaulmes at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 14:58:47 CET 2015

Dear ffmpeg coderz,

I work for Laoviland Experience, a digital innovation start-up based in 
Montpellier, France. We develop creative software for inspiration and 
automation of graphical creations.(see our website www.laoviland.com for 
additional info).

We are searching for specific technical skills for our tool that 
generates movies from visual routes on digital paintings. What we need 
is to integrate inside our soft an API that would be able to create and 
write a movie file in standard MP4 format (MPEG-4 Part 14) with a video 
track (AVC) and an audio track (AAC). The input of that solution would 
be the video frames, the sound samples and some movie parameters (bit 
rate, resolution, and so on). The output would be the MP4 video file.

Presently, we can make a video (using the CImg library) but without any 
sound muxed, unless we use an external tool (like ffmpeg), but that's 
not what we want. We want to integrate each and every step of the 
creation right in our soft, getting only one standalone executable, 
statically compiled under Linux, Windows and MacOS (we use the Qt 5 

In our researchs on the existing solutions, we found the ffmpeg library 
and this mailing list.
Several libraries exist to fit our needs, but none is thoroughly 
documented, and as we need that feature in a short term and our manpower 
is limited, I launch this call to anyone who could match the interests 
and skills to achieve such a mission.

Feel free to contact me back (me or my director, Jean-Thierry TCHOUMOU, 
in copy of that mail), for any additional information.
Best regards,


Junior software developer
Laoviland Experience

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