[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Socket options for librtmp

Cary Tetrick ctetrick2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 02:33:43 CET 2015

This reimplements a change authored by Brian Brice <bbrice at gmail.com>
"librtmp: Allow changing the socket send buffer size"
(Brian is aware of this change).
also negates change by Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>  2015-01-23
"avformat/librtmp: Fix build with --disable-network --enable-librtmp"
because it is no longer necessary.

The reason for this is that the socket settings changes need to be made in
internally because:
  1. librtmp may attemp a new socket connection internally.
     in that case, it would not get the buffer settings.
  2. if using the tee muxer to send to more than one destination, the
     can't be passed through the flv muxer. passing them as key-value
paires in
  the manner already supported in librtmp works for that use case.

A patch has been sent to the librtmp mailing list rtmpdump at mplayerhq.hu
with the title "subject: librtmp arguments added for socket buffer size".

*This* patch is dependent on the one above, and should be applied after it
appears in the git://git.ffmpeg.org/rtmpdump repository.

Options to the ffmpeg commandline in support of now arguments in librtmp.
    rtmp_buffer_size - sets rtmp socket send buffer size in bytes.
        this is the same as the patch it replaces.
    rtmp_nodelay - on or off. defaults to on.
        allows users to control whether nagel is active.
 rtmp_buffchunks - on or off. default is off.
        allows users to try using internal buffering instead of writing 128
  chunks to sockets.

See this thread on Zeranoe forum:

I believe this addresses case 1604 on the ffmpeg tracker.
"Summary of the bug: Rtmp output to justin.tv fps continually drops, ..."
- note the memory problem mentioned had been fixed. This fix only applies if
librtmp is enabled.

Defualt behavior leaves things unchanged. Users must employ options
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