[FFmpeg-devel] DSP function ARM NEON patches for hevc

Christophe Gisquet christophe.gisquet at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 15:10:48 CET 2015


2015-02-05 14:22 GMT+01:00 Mickaël Raulet <mraulet at gmail.com>:
> Michael,
> Please find some commits that can be cherry picked from
> https://github.com/OpenHEVC/FFmpeg/commits/ffmpeg_patch
> Optimized deblocking filter (8bits only)
> 1b9ee47d2f43b0a029a9468233626102eb1473b8
> Optimzed transform functions (4x4, 8x8, transform add 8bits only)
> b153f55935969c794de4640f8d34e01c58e027ae
> ARM NEON optimized qpel functions (8bits only)
> 965cd82e376f17125c0ad6465d14f4ab1749fda1

Can't test, nor comment, nor review, as I don't speak ARM or NEON.


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