[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCHv2] flac: ignore IDv3 tags if vorbis tags exist

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Tue Feb 3 01:10:11 CET 2015

On Mon, Feb 02, 2015 at 06:49:11PM -0500, Ben Boeckel wrote:
> FLAC doesn't really support IDv3 tags, so warn if they are found at all.
> If vorbis tags are found, toss out the IDv3 tags. They are kept if
> vorbis tags aren't found to at least have something there.

I'm not really convinced this makes sense.
There are thousands of programs that can edit IDv3 tags, but
comparatively few that can handle vorbis tags.
If both exist, why should the Vorbis tags be more likely to
be correct?
The warnings I sure agree with though.

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