[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] doc/indevs: add various missing options

Lou Logan lou at lrcd.com
Wed Aug 19 20:43:19 CEST 2015

On Tue, 18 Aug 2015 22:24:42 -0400, Ganesh Ajjanagadde wrote:

> minor nit on article usage: set grabbing frame rate -> set the
> grabbing frame rate.
> I mention this since it is mostly correct and helps consistency.

Change made.

> Sourceforge has run into trouble with ad blockers/malware heuristics
> due to the crapware that comes
> loaded on a bunch of stuff there:
> https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9738305
> Ideally one would like a non Sourceforge link, but I can't find a
> better link for this purpose.
> Thus it is fine with me unless someone can find a better link.

The link was already there, but I moved it (yeah, more of a cosmetic
thing but who cares).

> minor nit on article usage: Set number of channels -> Set the number of channels

Change made.
> article usage: Set frame rate -> Set the frame rate

Change made.

> article usage: Select video device -> Select the video device
> with same name -> with the same name

Change made and pushed. Thanks.

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