[FFmpeg-devel] LibRaw inclusion request

Dev Guy ffmpeg at xmail.net
Tue Dec 23 05:53:55 CET 2014

LibRaw is a library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras (CRW/CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, and others)

libraw inclusion in ffmpeg would allow time laps video to be made directly from the RAW output of  the following cameras and also from cameras that produce RAW video frames:


LibRaw 0.16-Release changes (since 0.15.x):
Support for new cameras:
Baumer TXG14
Blackmagic Cinema
Canon EOS 70D, C500, S120, G16
Fujifilm X-M1, X-A1, XE2, XQ1
Hasselblad Lunar, Stellar
Leica C, X VARIO
Nikon D5200, P7800, D5300, D610, Df, 1 AW1
Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520
Olympus E-P5,E-M1, STYLUS1
OmniVision OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)
Panasonic LF1, GX7, GF6, GM1
Pentax K-50, K-500, Q7,K-3
Richon GR
Samsung NX300, NX1100, NX2000, Galaxy NX (EK-GN120)

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