[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add a gamma flag to exr loader to avoid banding

Gonzalo Garramuno ggarra13 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 01:37:19 CEST 2014

Here it is with the formatting changes.  BTW, patcheck seems not to work 
for me or report any errors even when there are indentention errors.

$ tools/patcheck libavcodec/exr.c
patCHeck 1e10.0
This tool is intended to help a human check/review patches. It is very 
far from
being free of false positives and negatives, and its output are just 
hints of what
may or may not be bad. When you use it and it misses something or detects
something wrong, fix it and send a patch to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list.
License: GPL, Author: Michael Niedermayer

Missing changelog entry (ignore if minor change)

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