[FFmpeg-devel] Immediate Consultant Needed - FFmpeg Script Cropping and Stitching

Christopher Machut chris at gmesllc.com
Wed Apr 23 15:02:18 CEST 2014

Hi All,

I looking on the ffmpeg.org website and it said to send an email to this
list.  If you're interested in some immediate consulting work, please
continue to read.


We have an immediate need for someone with ffmpeg scripting skill set to
help us stitch and crop four H.264 camera feeds into a single 360 degree
view.  We have 90% of the infrastructure in place.   Would you be

The ffmpeg stream would need to deliver the stitched video to a Wowza
Server in Amazon's EC2.

We already have the Wowza (Amazon instance) server installed, the ffmpeg
server onsite (CentOS 5 with i5 processor and 8GB of RAM) with the cameras
and 8 test cameras online.  We have already written some test scripts with
these 8 cameras and are successfully pushing the feeds to Wowza.  We are
installing four SNV-6012m cameras today and were hoping to get an expert to
help make sure the ffmpeg stream is as tuned as possible and as quickly as

We would be looking for your help to:

1) Fine tune the stitching and cropping ffmpeg scripts to run on the ffmpeg
server for 360 degree view.
2) Make sure the stream from ffmpeg to Wowza is configured correctly and
for the best quality.

This is an immediate position as we are looking for someone to help us put
some good polish on our implementation.  Any assistance would be greatly
appreciated.  If you are interested, please reply to my email address below
with your Skype username or phone number and I would be happy to reach out
today.    Please send brief summary of experience, expected pay (hourly,
etc.) and availability.  We are looking to start as early as tomorrow.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

Best Regards,

chris at gmesllc.com

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