[FFmpeg-devel] GXF Encoder Fixes and HD support

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 01:10:01 CEST 2014

On Tuesday, April 15, 2014 11:09:34 AM Peter Stevens wrote:
> A patch set for supporting GXF HD support was posted a few years back
> (http://lists.ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2010-September/100889.ht
> ml
> ) but I don't think it made its way into ffmpeg. Does anybody know if
> this something still being worked on? or where I might find a copy of
> the mentioned patch
 I wrote those patches. The biggest issue making me hesitant to push hard to 
get them merged is that there was no direct means to determine if the stream 
was interlaced or not. The differences between frame and field rates were 
ambiguous. So 1080i at 29.94 frames per sec, would return the same "rate" as 
1080p at 59.94 frames per sec.

Perhaps that is not the case now, I'm not a regular dev for ffmpeg. Mostly just 
an avid user. I created the patches to fix the horribly broken GXF 
implementation at the time in order to save myself hours of mind-numbing time 
importing large files into the old GrassValley Turbo playback machines. My 
company has since discarded those pieces of junk, so I have little motivation 
to do anything more with GXF. The format itself is rather arcane. (originally 
intended for utilizing FTP transport. yuck.) GrassValley is the only company 
I'm aware of that really promotes usage of that format. They wrote the spec 
for it after all...

I probably still have the patches lying around. There were some updates 
somebody asked me to make for it about a year ago. Some of those updates were 
applied to the trunk. I might be able to find the HD parts that were not pulled 
if you really need them.


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