[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] x86/synth_filter: remove the main loop when it's not needed

Christophe Gisquet christophe.gisquet at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 10:45:59 CEST 2014


2014-04-04 7:56 GMT+02:00 James Almer <jamrial at gmail.com>:
> +%if ARCH_X86_32 || mmsize == 16

Although a contrived example, imagine ARCH_X86_64 && mmsize == 8. It
absolutely can't exist at the moment unless a benign editing error
occurs later on.

But what I mean is it should read "mmsize < 32" instead of "mmsize ==
16". Furthermore, this corresponds to the reason, that 16 regs holding
at least 256b allow removing the loop.

I can't edit it at the moment so, although I'm the culprit, can you do
this in my stead please if you deem it worth?


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