[FFmpeg-devel] software using ffmpeg

sl.leblanc at free.fr sl.leblanc at free.fr
Mon Sep 30 12:34:07 CEST 2013

First, please excuse my bad english, and thanks for your job. 

I see on http://ffmpeg.org/projects.html a software list using ffmpeg. At the top, I can see " If you would like to see another project added here, please send an email to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list . " 

I'm a user of m4ng ( http://www.m4ng.fr/ ). At this moment the stable version is v3, but a beta version 4 is in developpement. In this v4, a stand-alone mode based on FFmpeg was developed. This mode is the default mode when you start the software. Having tried other GUI based on ffmpeg, I find that it takes more advantage of the many options offered by ffmpeg. 

Also, it seems to me that this software should have its place in your list of software using ffmpeg. 

Thank you for your attention, 

A french ffmpeg and m4ng user, 


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