[FFmpeg-devel] vdd ffmpeg notes

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Fri Sep 20 04:44:39 CEST 2013


just thought i'd share some vdd notes.

please dont take any of these requests or complaints personally, they
are meant as a guide of what can be improved or looked at.

1. everyone wants ffmpeg and libav to get back together. google, vlc,
distros, upstreams, downstreams, everyone.

2. need better mpegts support

3. vlc wants us to support every codec :)

4. people want more changelog entries from us, especially when a
behavior is changed. they dont like reading git log. api changes as

5. vlc wants to try to support the 3d bluray h264 mvc thing. not sure
if that needs a sponsor? we'll probably also need the hardware + blurays
to test such things. i dont know what part needs to be added. demuxer?
someone mentioned decoding two streams at once should already work?

6. jpeg2000 decoder maintaining is too difficult in both projects at
once. i'll have a seperate email about this soon with some ideas to

7. no more api changes request. too much burden for vlc and mplayer and
other projects to change audio api etc so much.

8. more thread safety?

anyone else who was at the libavcodec whining room, could you please
remember more ideas/complaints? i've forgotten a bunch of them. i had
way too much fun trolling everyone to write it down.


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