[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/2] doc/formats: Various updates

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Sep 16 18:32:44 CEST 2013

Timothy Gu <timothygu99 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> + <at> item seek2any  <at> var{integer} ( <at> emph{input})
> +Forces seeking to enable seek to any mode if set to 1. Default is 0.

Allows seeking to non-keyframes on demuxer level if set to 1.
This can speed up seeking on broken Matroska files.
Default is 0.

> + <at> item skip_initial_bytes  <at> var{integer} ( <at> emph{input})
> +Set number initial bytes to skip. Default is 0.

Set the number of initial bytes ... ?

Helps with transport streams starting with a lot of trash.
May break some file types.

> + <at> item correct_ts_overflow  <at> var{integer} ( <at> emph{input})
> +Correct single timestamp overflows if set to 1. Default is 1.

This works around timestamp wraps in transport streams (like DVB).

Sorry for the late reply!

Carl Eugen

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