[FFmpeg-devel] Build ffmpeg for QNX

sdwe www askimlan at mail.ru
Thu Sep 5 11:58:41 CEST 2013

Is there anybody who managed to build ffmpeg for QNX? I am tring to do that for several days. I am using Windows 8 and I have installed MSYS/MinGW. I also have latest version of ffmpeg cloned from git. I have problems with configuring and building it. I don't know how to configure it to get QNX build, besides that when I configure it without flags and then try make, it gives error common.mak:139: *** missing separator.  Stop. 
I need a help to build this library. So if somebody knows how to do that please tell me. 
For me it is not hard to install linux and build on it if you think this won't work out on windows. I just need some direction.


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