[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH][RFC] Fix field order forinterlacedAVDJand AVRN in ntsc mode

Piotr Bandurski ami_stuff at o2.pl
Sun May 19 03:11:33 CEST 2013


> iam not sure what value to check for what, the app marker is 16bytes
> in ntsc.avi the patch causes a byte to be read that is not part
> of the app marker but outside
> If you intend to read that byte thats probably part of the
> AVID comment and would need to be read from mjpeg_decode_com()
> the len (61) is probably also parsed corectly there and available for
> checking

Ok, fixed. Please see attached patch.

The question is should I remove previous AVID string check and repleace it
with new one (it will not break any samples?) or leave it as it is now?

The byte I check have 1 value when I select "NTSC" and 2 when I select "PAL"
in the encoder's options. For "NTSC" mode it looks like fields needs to be swapped.

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