[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] jpeg2000dec: make cblk->length(inc)/data use consistent

Nicolas BERTRAND nicoinattendu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 17:21:40 CEST 2013

My previous comment is wrong.
I forgot the case of several quality layers in image so the cblk length 
can change in case of a cblk dispatched in several layers.
the image have 4 quality layers

Is the +2 necessary in :
if (   bytestream2_get_bytes_left(&s->g) < cblk->lengthinc
+           || sizeof(cblk->data) < cblk->length + cblk->lengthinc + 2
To avoid a en empty read in the following bytestream2_get_bufferu?

So, its LGTM

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