[FFmpeg-devel] BUG in use of extradata and extradata_size with dvb subtitles and teletext

JULIAN GARDNER joolzg at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 31 15:28:40 CET 2013

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>Sent: Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 10:23
>Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-devel] BUG in use of extradata and extradata_size with dvb subtitles and teletext
>Thanks for your comments.
>1) As I pointed before there are two different AVPacket.data formats of DVB
>subtitles in FFmpeg. It is not obvious and causes developers to do bugs.
>Because of this copy subtitles from TS demuxer to TS muxer does not work.
>>the reason it was failing in copy was due to the not copying of the ids
>from the input stream to the output stream. >Thats all that was needed.
>We investigated the issue. Subtitles in TS stream should go in format "0x20
>0x00 [subtitles data] 0xFF". Because TS demuxer generates AVPacket.data in
>different format than TS muxer expects on output you get TS stream with
>wrong subtitles in format: "0x20 0x00 [subtitles data]" (i.e. without 0xFF
>at the end). That is why copy does not work. Making all DVB subtitles
>internally to be in one format fixes the issue.

I think the 0x20 .... 0xff fix should be a seperate patch

>> In addition there is another issue: as far as I can tell this patch
>breaks backward-compatibility.
>> So an application that uses its own MPEG-TS demuxer together with our DVB
>subtitle decoder will break after this change.
>Yes our goal is to make all DVB subtitles across all FFmpeg components to
>be in one format. It is not possible to do without breaking
>backward-compatibility. Otherwise it will cause more bugs in future.
>2) Regarding matroska, nut and wtv:
>>I checked: matroska, nut and wtv all support DVB subtitles in FFmpeg.
>>So I would expect that your patch misses changes for all 3 of those
>>(though I have a suspicion that the exact formats those use differs
>>slightly so that at least stream copy from those into MPEG-TS might not
>>work well either way).
>As I see the same DVB subtitles parser is used for all matroska, nut, TS
>and wtv. The parser expects DVB subtitles to be in format "0x20 0x00
>[subtitles data] 0xFF":
>if (buf_size < 2 || buf[0] != 0x20 || buf[1] != 0x00) {
>    av_dlog(avctx, "Bad packet header\n");
>    return -1;
>else if (*p == 0xff)
>From other hand I see that DVB subtitles encoder generates subtitles in
>format "0x00 [subtitles data] 0xFF" (without leading 0x20).
>Only MPEG-TS muxer has "hack" that adds leading 0x20 before each DVB
>subtitle payload (actually it incorrectly adds 0x20 to teletext also and
>that is why muxing teletext is broken too). Nut and matroska do not add
>0x20 before payload to DVB subtitles encoder (can't find this in code). As
>the result muxing DVB subtitles into matroska and nut is currently broken.
>At least data expected by parser and data generated by muxers is different.
>Please correct me if I am wrong.
>I can't find documentation how DVB subtitles should be stored in matroska
>or nut. Also I can't find real samples to check it. Please share
>documentation or samples with us if you have them.


>Our patch fixes subtitle muxing in matroska and nut. As the result all
>subtitles will be in format: "0x20 0x00 [subtitles data] 0xFF" even in nut
>and matroska.
>About metadata: as a developer I need ability to specify DVB subtitles
>parameters for TS muxer via FFmpeg API to correctly generate PMT of TS
>stream. Also I need ability to read/copy the same parameters from TS
>If metadata is not the place to store these values please advice better way
>to do it.

I still think the extradata way is the way we should fix this and also allow multiple values per pid, not limit it to 4 bytes which it currently does.

Can you make the stream you have available with multiplte dvb streams?

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