[FFmpeg-devel] abstractable threading api

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 20:03:35 CET 2013

As a note,
Some code, for instance libavformat/udp.c, basically require pthread
support for some functionality (circular buffer).  I see that there is
some work to providing that "natively" in the compat/w32* files, but
it seems to require HAVE_PTHREAD_CANCEL ? Does this mean that the
compat file isn't complete, or is it somehow not being applied (does
configure by default use, or does it need a different precompiler
directive check?
Anyway, on a related note, it might be nice to abstract the threading
primitives slightly, kind of like how libx264 has x264_thread_create
or what not, so that you're aware you're using a compatibility layer,
and not bound to a particular api (in this case, pthreads, though I
suppose it's common enough it may not matter)).
Feedback welcome.

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